The Just Gender High School [JGHS] program, based on the feature-length documentary, is specially designed for high school education. JGHS includes a 23-minute DVD, a Teacher’s Guide to assist with guiding classroom discussion, and a more extensive manual to help teachers prepare for classroom presentation.
Because of a generous grant from the 11th Hour Project of the Schmidt Family Foundation, funding is available to select U.S. high schools to participate in piloting the JGHS program. For further information, please contact us.
"This is such an important film for those individuals or institutions guided by the principals of social justice and the critical movement toward a more inclusive, humane, and just society. After viewing Just Gender for the first time, my mind was racing with curricular possibilities in higher education for universities' Schools of Education, Social Work, Law, Nursing,
and beyond. I am so grateful to the participants of the film for sharing their powerful stories with us. Thank you!"

Carter A. Winkle, PhD,
Assistant Professor of Education,
Curriculum and Instruction Barry University
Educational review of Just Gender